Top websites to create your blog free

Why blogging?

Giving your information by creating a blog has become a powerful tool for companies; it proves to help you get a lot of traffic to your website, not only that it also helps you to get up the rank in search engines. Along with being helpful in informing the customer, it also generates customer trust.

If seen, there is no shortage of talent in our country today. There is just a need to identify them. Blogging is best for you if you have the ability to write inside it. In other words, we can say that the biggest condition of Blogging is that you have the ability to write something new. You should have the power to form your thoughts into words.

As I have already mentioned that one of the conditions necessary for blogging is – you should know how to write on a topic. When you write initially, you do not have that quality in your writing. Gradually, your writing gets improved; this is the wonder of Blogging.

If you can write something new, entertaining, informative, inspiring, then the field of blogging is for you. Come and show yourself in this field. Prove yourself.

You do not need to invest anything in blogging. You must be feeling strange to hear this but it is true. You do not need to invest anything in blogging. You can earn millions of rupees from Blogging without investing. Currently, many bloggers are earning millions of rupees a month from Blogging.


Websites to create a free blog

Let’s see the website that can prove to be helpful in creating a website blog for free.

WordPress: &

WordPress gives you two options, one you can create your own free website in its extension, in the same hosting, or you can create a website using the WordPress software on your server and domain. You can give your desired theme and plug-in feel according to it.


 Blogger is an easy way to use a blog site, which is a Google product. You can log in through your Gmail ID password. In this too, you can do customization according to your own. In this, you can also integrate Google Adsense.

Tumblr: is a mix software site of social media and blogging, in which you can also connect like social media with your blogging community. Creating a blog in this is exactly the same as creating an account and profile on Facebook or Instagram. Tumblr is a Yahoo product.


Medium is an organization started by the founders of Twitter, founded by Williams and Biz Stone. This is a great way to generate and circulates content and blogs. There is a drawback in that you cannot do any customization in it.

So these 5 websites were helpful in making a free blog website. Hope you have liked our post and will fulfill your objective. Apart from this, if you are using any blogging platform then definitely let us know.